High School Work Experience

EOI and Work Experience · Caloundra, Queensland
Department EOI and Work Experience
Employment Type Work Experience
Minimum Experience Entry-level

About us

HeliMods is an internationally renowned aerospace technology company, operating from a world-class facility on Queensland's beautiful Sunshine Coast.

We make a tangible, lasting contribution to local and global communities by providing innovative, world-leading aerospace products that enable our customers to perform a range of critical missions, including emergency medical retrieval, search and rescue, aerial policing and disaster relief.

Our continuous growth, innovation and business success has been recognised through various prestigious awards, including 2019 Premier of Queensland's Regional Exporter of the Year and 2018 Telstra Queensland Business of the Year.

The opportunity

Supporting our local community has always been important at HeliMods, and we're proud to be able to support High School students that are looking to pursue a career in aerospace, aviation, design, engineering, manufacturing and supply chain. 

We provide many opportunities for our work experience students to get hands on during their time with us, including designing an item of their own creation in CAD (Computer Aided Design), and printing it on one of our 3D printers with the support of our world class engineering team.

Students will also get to experience our advanced manufacturing capability, with the aim of helping them better understand the options open to them in the workforce and the high school electives they could pursue ahead of tertiary education. 

What we expect from a Work Experience student

Students that have the best experience with us are those who are inquisitive, self-driven and excited to get in and learn as much as they can.

We ask for good listening skills, a healthy curiosity, a positive attitude, and a willingness to apply oneself and take initiative with any activities assigned.

We do our best to make the experience interesting and enriching for all students. Like any high-performance organisation, things can get busy, so we do also ask for a respectful awareness of the fact that our team will most likely have a lot going on in their world! 

There are also limits to the number of students we can support at any one point in time, so be sure to put your best foot forward when applying for a position and make sure you meet all of the criteria below.


What we need for you to proceed

You must:

  • Be in year 10 or above;
  • Have a strong passion for aviation, aerospace, design, engineering and/or manufacturing;
  • Have the permission and paperwork from your school; and
  • Provide a CV as part of this application.

Things to know if you come on board with us

  • Our usual work experience hours are from 9:00am to 4:00pm. We can have some flexibility here as needed.
  • Students need to wear long pants, enclosed shoes and an appropriate shirt (collared for male students)
  • Students need to bring their own lunch

We look forward to your application!

Our work experience students have a great time exploring the world of aerospace engineering and manufacturing, and we've been lucky to have had some fantastic students over the years. We hope to be able to support you on your STEM journey!

Thank You

Your application was submitted successfully.

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    Caloundra, Queensland
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    EOI and Work Experience
  • Employment Type
    Work Experience
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